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We are the Shines Group. Providing Office, Home & Fleet Vehicle cleaning since 2014.

Making a difference with a duster, mop & vacuum.

Cleaning things to perfection is an art and we have managed to achieve this for our clients time and again over the past decade. Office Shines is here to lead this space by example. Be it the state-of-art equipment that we use, the training systems we developed, or the warm friendly faces that we send your way, we only aim to do the best we can in every possible way.

Meet the team

Dear Valued Customers & Friends,

Things have changed over the last few years in the commercial cleaning industry, and chances are, in the past you may have had to suffer through cleaning companies with ongoing quality issues, cleaners not showing up, supplies running out, or inconsistent cleaning because of their high staff turnover.

It’s exhausting. We believe that our team can add more value to your organization and your site way beyond cleaning.

Why? Because they are an important part of our quality program. The key to the success of any quality program is better communication.

Our technology allows cleaners, yes, your cleaners, to check in with GPS, send messages and report problems in real time. We believe in enhancing your workspace with effective office and business cleaning services.

Makes it very easy to ensure there are no misunderstandings. If you’re anything like most of our clients, you’d prefer a cleaning company you can trust.  And that’s just the way we like it too.

I hope to meet you in person one day very soon.

To Good Health,
Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose

Managing Director & Founder

Chris Carranza

Office Manager

Chris Carranza is our Office Manager with over 10 years experience in customer service, 15 years as a supervisor/management role and has successfully operated her own business for over 20 years. She uses her positive attitude and energy to encourage others to be successful and her cheerful approach allows her to build strong relationships with the team as well as the customers. Her goal is to create an outstanding customer experience in every interaction.

Clients Who Know the Office Shines Difference

What we do

Shines Cleaning System

We believe that education is an integral part of creating a clean and safe environment. We train our team with knowledge on the importance of cleaning, the correct handling of chemicals and equipment, and the proper way of cleaning.  Our aim is to increase your productivity, minimise your labor costs, and provide you a safe and healthy work environment to live in. We believe that a healthy mind is a healthy environment.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. They are driven by the same passion of improving the quality of your hygiene and safety. Our teams are engaged and committed. We continuously train our people with the latest innovation in the industry and help them develop their skills in their own field.

We ensure that they have a positive work-life balance and good personal growth. It is complimented by providing them with excellent working conditions and personal development programs as part of our company initiatives. We embrace diversity and recognize their differences as part of our culture-enriched team.

Our Approach & Partners

Our approach has always been to understand your business requirement, assess your needs and set up tailor-fit world-class cleaning and hygiene solutions that will enhance your business and help you focus more on your core business.

We believe in having a great relationship with our business partners in order to deliver you quality hygiene and cleaning solutions. We continuously work together to bring you the best innovation there is so you can focus on your core business.

Satisfaction! That’s what you’ll get when you hire Office Shines to clean your business. We’ve been utilizing their services for years, and we’ve been nothing but satisfied. They have always provided excellent customer service anytime we’ve had an issue it has been promptly addressed. They are thorough and efficient, and they clean to high standards. Thank you Office Shines for the wonderful job you do!

Ben S.

I have experienced the excellent service of Office Shines. They helped us really get sanitized and clean. It is really appreciated. Very professional staff with a fair price. They should be your next janitorial service for sure.

Jenny H

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